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Although we are a relatively new company, our experience in the design and construction of quality musical instruments goes back to the early 1960's. A number of musical instrument manufacturers, from small to quite large, owe their existence to Sam Radding, the founder of "Go Guitars".

Traveling Guitar

camping guitar

backback guitar

"Go" instruments are designed to be traveling guitars and that is what we specialize in. Whether you are looking for an RV travel guitar, camping guitar, backpacking guitar, boating guitar, flying guitar, or simply want a quality small travel guitar for easy on-the-go composing, these instruments are the right size to be your musical companion in almost any circumstance. Size and weight do make this guitar a true back packer, but no matter how you travel, we have a travel guitar for you.

A quality instrument springs from the proper combination of the art and science of sound, plus a healthy understanding of materials, construction technique and what it takes to make a guitar play well. No matter what the style, all quality instruments exhibit a superior balance of these attributes. Although the Go Guitar is nothing more than your small travel guitar partner, the design and construction of this unique instrument has created something far more than the sum of its parts. For its' size, the "Go" is surprisingly loud. The tone is rich and the playability is what you expect in a fine instrument.

Our instruments are handcrafted from high quality solid woods. They are built in the USA. We at Go Guitar live within the confines of limited production, so that we can take the time to ensure every guitar is better than what you expect.

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